Getting married is so much more than simply saying, ‘I do’.

It’s a life-changing promise, for better or for worse. And it’s not something you do half-heartedly. Every moment has been thought over and dreamed about, for a lifetime in some cases.

It’s the small moments that matter the most. The glance between mother and daughter. A handshake between father and son. A tear from a relative and the butterflies that bubble over as you make your way down the aisle.

These are the moments of pure art that I love to capture. I’m passionate about taking beautiful, heartfelt images that encapsulate the moment two-become-one in an organic way. A picture to remind you of the butterflies felt the moment your eyes met for the first time.

Wedding photos are more than just a reminder of what you looked like on the big day. It’s how you felt as you said those words, as you danced the night away or had that first sip of champagne.  

I know that every wedding, like every relationship, is different. And that challenge is in part why I love weddings. Because together, we can create memories that will last life times.

Alice xx