Love. There is no other subject that excites me more to photograph. I always wanted to capture beautiful images with amazing people, and this is exactly the opportunity wedding photography has brought me. In my short, fast-paced wedding career, I have met some of the most beautiful, loved-up people. Capturing love equals epic results. There are almost no words to describe the magic that comes from photographing two souls in love.
I feel so humbled that people invite me into their lives to capture their most treasured moments. Many of these people have since become great friends in the process.

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It was a quiet moment in a high school darkroom where the magic of black and white printing captured my imagination. I dipped the blank paper into the murky liquid. Rocking the tray back and forth, the image started to appear. It was nothing ground breaking, a portrait of a school friend. In that moment, a life long addiction began. 

Whether it’s traditional film processing or digital capture, photography has been drawing me in for the past 16 years. Even when I’ve tried to move away, it’s pulled me back in. I tried university; to write essays and do research. But it was always just a momentary distraction, and it wasn’t long before I decided my life had to be devoted to photography - not just as a hobby. 

Formally trained in darkroom processing in Florence, Italy, and then gaining my degree in photography at NMIT Melbourne, I have been working professionally for the past 8 years. The road to wedding photography has included detours to commercial and product photography, editorial, news and sport, events and social photography, portraiture and families.

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My happy place is with my lovely husband. Together we are building a cosy home, growing our book collection, laughing over silly nothings, and dreaming about adopting puppies.  Currently my other passions include flower arranging, hanging artwork, cooking with eggplants, and flipping through home styling magazines. 

I’m a sucker for a strong coffee or a pinot noir, and I would love to have one with you while you tell me all about your wedding plans. Will travel anywhere for a great cafe. 


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Wedding photography packages start at $1400. Please contact Alice directly for a detailed price list or a custom quote.



How many images will I receive?
There is no hard and fast rule on how many images you will receive. It’s usually around 500, and this depends on a variety of factors such as how long I am there for, how many guests there are or how large your bridal party is.

Do you offer albums?
Yes. Albums are a beautiful way to make sure your images are always at arms-reach. I have a relationship with a couple of Australia’s premier wedding album producers, and there are a variety of options and price points available. 

We’re not the sort of people who like posing for photos…
I want your portrait session to be an enjoyable experience, not with you looking awkwardly at the camera not knowing what to do! The best photos come about when you are relaxed and being yourselves. My favourite way to capture this is to observe you together and find those special moments and angles in an unobtrusive way. I may ask you to look at me every now and then, but for the most part it’s all pretty relaxed. 

Do you travel?
I will travel far and wide for your special day. Depending on how far I have to go, there will be a small cost for me to able to stay overnight somewhere. 

More than just weddings

With nearly a decade of experience with clients from a range of industries, Alice Laidlaw Photography offers more than weddings and portraiture:

Photography - weddings / portraits / corporate headshots / lifestyle / travel / editorial / commercial / documentary
/ sport / events / social / campaign /food + beverage

Post Production - Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Premier Pro / Adobe Lightroom